Welcome to the American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition

The American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is a coalition of Tea Parties that are protesting high taxes but also aggressively supporting the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a nonpartisan movement.

The original Tea Party in 1773 was a vigilant protest against high taxes imposed on the colonies by the British government. That's the story most Americans know. But there is more. As Ben Franklin stated, the Revolution was just as much a movement against British taxation as it was a cause against the fact that the colonies were not allowed to print their own money. Ultimately, the Revolution was about who controlled the banks and the money supply.


"The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution." Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father

"It's not about being a GOOD DEMOCRAT or a GOOD REPUBLICAN it's about being a GOOD AMERICAN!"

In 1773 the Tea Party protested against the tyrannical control of the colonies by England. Today, the American Tea Party and its coalition members are against the tyrannical control of US citizens by the Federal Government in reference to taxation, the printing of money by the Federal Reserve, and the blatant disregard for the Constitution.

Attempting to lower taxes without ending the Federal Reserve is a futile effort. High taxes are only a symptom of a much deeper disease. Unless we end the Federal Reserve, high taxes, deficits, chronic debt, and the cycle of boom and bust will continue. The culprit is the Federal Reserve! High taxes are only a symptom of the disease. END THE FED!
Paul Barrett founder of the American Tea Party

There are some who have joined a Tea Party out of a self-serving need to lower their own taxes. Unfortunately, reality dictates that taxes cannot be lowered without addressing the abuses of the Federal Reserve. Today, every tax dollar collected by the IRS is allocated towards paying the interest only on the debt owed to the Federal Reserve. Our tax dollars do not pay for services or public programs, nor do they lower the amount of the debt owed to the Federal Reserve. Our tax dollars go towards servicing the never-ending interest on the never-ending perpetual debt!

Cut Government Spending and Waste!
On a Local, State, and Federal Level!

The Federal Reserve is a not a federal agency anymore than Federal Express. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation, owned by international bankers. They print money out of thin air, that is backed by nothing more than your blood, sweat, and tears. These bankers own over half of the world's wealth.

The new Obama stimulus package will amount to almost 10 trillion dollars. The stimulus money will be paid for with new debt owed to the Federal Reserve at interest. The debt will never be paid and will enslave American citizens and future generations forever. This is the tyranny that our forefathers warned about and fought against. If you are a patriot who loves his country and wants our nation to remain free, we invite you to join our movement and cause. Long live the Republic. God bless America.


For the Love of Country and Freedom

Palm Beach, Florida -- Washington, DC