Dividing Our Nation - The Two Party System

The two party system of Democrats and Republicans is dividing our nation and pitting American against American. Many members within the two parties are controlled by the international elite banking families. They have divided our nation and are in the process of taking complete control. The international bankers create booms and busts by building up the economy, expanding the money supply - then contracting the money supply to create an economic crisis. To bail us out, our government borrows more money from the bankers - this shifts trillions of dollars into their pockets. They use and control many members of both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Many Democrats are highjacked by the extreme left and many of the Republicans by the extreme right - they antagonize each other and pit American against American. In the process our nation is divided - patriot against patriot - while the bankers rob us of our economic strength and liberty.

Our founding fathers were uniquely aware of the dangers of a divided nation and gave us ample warnings and tools to deal with those who create division. It is up to patriotic Americans to join together and relieve of power those individuals and institutions who attempt to divide us.

"It's not about being a GOOD DEMOCRAT or a GOOD REPUBLICAN it's about being a GOOD AMERICAN!"

North American Union - New World Order

The vast majority of Americans, over eighty five percent, agree that the open borders and illegal immigrants are destroying our country. This 85% majority wants the borders closed. Many of our leaders, on the other hand, have a different agenda. They are promoting the North American Union and the New World Order. These leaders have been bought and sold by the international bankers and are traitors to our nation.

The next time you find yourself clinging to your Democrat or Republican party, arguing with your neighbor, ponder this carefully: Over 85% of Americans want the border closed - they want a fence - they want to stop illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are devastating to our nation, and destroying our country. The law has approved the fence, and funding for the fence has been appropriated. But nothing gets done. Why? Because the power elite in control of our government wants to implement the NORTH AMERICAN UNION with an open border and a new currency - the Amero. While we remain divided and arguing over minor issues, our country and our sovereignty is being destroyed from within. This is a prime example of a divided nation. Their strategy: Divide and Conquer!

Once the North American Union is established (remember, George W Bush secretly signed the documents into order) there will be no United States - no Constitution - no borders. As of today, we have not closed the borders - there is no fence - and literally millions of illegals pour across the border each year. Illegals are moving and spreading into every state in our nation. Taking jobs, not paying taxes, overloading our welfare systems and health care. They are robbing us blind and stealing our wealth. If the illegals are granted amnesty our nation will fall. No nation in history has ever survived multiculturalism. Stop Illegals!

There is no question that the world bankers and the elite are in control of our politicians and our economy. They have pitted American against American and have us fighting over issues like gay rights and abortion. In the process of fighting each other, Americans lose and the bankers win. They are getting what they want while we get the shaft. They got their 10 trillion dollar bail out - we inherited unpayable debt. We have become enslaved.

Divide and conquer has always worked as a subversive tactic. While we are fighting over issues like gay rights and abortion (issues that should not even be on the table), the Federal Reserve and it's puppet agency the IRS are robbing us blind. While the bankers rob us blind, their agents in Washington are trampling on the Constitution and our rights.

Whats so amazing is that the majority of Americans want the same things. Yet we are divided, arguing, and fighting over the smaller things while our country is being destroyed. If you love your country and the Constitution, if you love your freedom and liberty, it is time to unite!


For the Love of Country and Freedom

Palm Beach, Florida -- Washington, DC