American Tea Party's Media Boycott

A Warning by the Chairman of the Constitution Party Broward County

All mainstream media news sources in America are controlled by a few large corporations. These corporations are biased and manipulate the news to socially program the American people.

On July 4, 2009 the South Florida Tea Party held a parade in West Palm Beach, Florida. The event was videotaped by the American Tea Party.

We believe the main stream media in America is biased, controlled, and corrupt. Every major network and newspaper is owned by large corporations with a self-serving agenda. It is time we put economic pressure on the media by forming boycotts. We need to boycott the media until they start reporting the news accurately, without bias, and without hidden agendas.

The media's devotion to special interests, and their code of political correctness, gives them the power to promote any agenda they so desire. It also gives them the power to paint political opponents in a negative light. In essence, the media controls politics in our nation and can control the outcome of major elections.

Their weapons of attack against groups like the Tea Party include inaccurate labeling, painting negative views, or no exposure at all.

They have labeled members of the Tea Parties as tea bagging rednecks, home grown terrorists, dangerous, violent, and a host of other false and derogatory label.

We believe patriotic Americans need to boycott the media, and start a grass roots push for a voice and for truth.

Special Project - Boycott Media

A tea party member needs to start creating a list all mainstream news media advertisers - contact their public relations department - tell them we are boycotting their company and products for advertising on a news station that is biased, falsely labeling patriotic Americans, and failing to tell the truth.

If we can get mainstream media to stop promoting the agenda of the international bankers, we have a greater chance of saving our nation.


For the Love of Country and Freedom

Palm Beach, Florida -- Washington, DC