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The American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is developing promotional material to spread the vital message of the Tea Parties across the country.

Resources for Patriotic Americans

The American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is helping protect America from Constitutional infractions on the part of our nation's so called leaders. When George W Bush publicly announced that the Constitution was a "Goddam piece of paper" every American should have risen up in protest. With Obama in power, the banking elite now has the perfect passive puppet to do their bidding.

The American Tea Party has developed and utilizes the following resources in the war to defend the Constitution and our Liberties:

Newsletter - Our detailed newsletter will keep you informed of our events and vital news affecting our Nation. Newsletters of our Coalition Network will also be made available as per their requirements.

Email alerts - Our alerts will notify you of the latest development in the war against high taxes, the Federal Reserve, as well as Tea Party events. To receive our email alerts, the American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition.

Articles - American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is making informative articles available to members. Our Coalition Network publishes hundreds of articles that help defeat high taxes, the Federal Reserve, and Constitutional infringement by the leaders of the United States.

Books - Coalition Network members have numerous books available to keep you informed on the threat of the socialist and communist agenda to defeat America.

CD's - American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is developing a public awareness CD. We are also collecting CDs from our Coalition Network and will make them available to members.

DVD's - American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is also creating and promoting DVDs that inform Americans as to the forces endangering our freedoms. Public and private screenings are available as are purchases.

Seminars - The American Tea Party conducts live seminars around the nation. Our seminars expose the corruption in Washington, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and violations against the Constitution. Our seminars also provide tools you can use to defend your freedom and your nation. Our Seminars are vital for every American and their family. Together we can stop the corruption and save our nation.

Public Awareness Campaigns - The War on high taxes, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve will be won on both the political battlefield as well as through the determination of the American people. Only by raising public awareness will Americans have the tools to fight these insidious enemies.

News - Media releases - American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition is working to develop more medial releases to highlight the threat of our loss of sovereignty and our liberty, and ways to win this war.

Fund-raising Events - Raising funds is one of the strengths of the American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition. Our fund-raising efforts are directed towards funding our own programs as well as those of our Coalition Network. If you would like to donate or assist us in our fund-raising efforts, please contact us.

Coalition Network of Experts - Our coalition is comprised of leading authorities and experts on countering high taxes, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, the North American Union, and the New World Order.

Speaker's Bureau - American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition has developed a speakers bureau utilizing the talent and resources of our Coalition Network members. This bureau is a vital link in raising public awareness and winning the War on high taxes, the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and political leaders who infringe on our Constitutional rights.

Resources for Tea Party Leaders and Founders

The following resources have been developed by the American Tea Party for Tea Party leaders and founders:

How to Form a Tea Party -

How to locate a Tea Party -

Promotional Material:

Videos -

Posters -

Flyers -

Postcards -

TEA Shirts -

Seminars and Workshops - training seminars - Tea Party Revolution, Defending the Constitution - and other Lessons on DVD

Links to Vital Sites

Campaign for Liberty- Campaign for Liberty is a powerful organization fighting for our freedom as well as exposing the Federal Reserve.

Info Wars - Info Wars was founded by Alex Jones and is one of the most import sources of information regarding our freedom and a way to fight against globalism.

Constitution Party - The Constitution Party party supports the Constitution and Liberty.

Libertarian Party - The Libertarian Party supports the Constitution and Liberty.

Restore the Republic - Restore the Republic is an organizations started by Aaron Russo that exposes our loss of liberty and our loss of sovereignty as a nation and as citizens.

Numbers USA - Numbers USA is one of the leading organizations fighting against illegal immigration. The material provided by this organization will convince any American to join the cause.

Against - Against Amnesty is a coordinated effort by tea parties and patriots to fight against giving illegal aliens amnesty.

End the Fed - End the Fed is an aggressive organization that is exposing and fighting against the corrupt Federal Reserve.

Oath Keepers - Oath keepers is an organization of active military, law enforcement, and veterans who have vowed to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution and protect American citizens.

The 912 Project - At the origin of America, our Founding Fathers built this country on 28 powerful principles. We have distilled the original 28 down to the 9 basic principles.

Tea Party Patriots - A great source for information concerning Tea Parties around the country.

We will be adding more organizations to our resource list soon. Please be patient. Join our organization and stay abreast of developments in our cause of freedom.

Please note: we may or may not agree with all the organizations that are on the resource page and they may not agree with us. Our goal is to get all Americans to come together to follow the Constitution.


For the Love of Country and Freedom

Palm Beach, Florida -- Washington, DC