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Illegal Immigrants Will Destroy America - watch long version, click here

Question: Where does the Census Bureau say we're heading by 2060?

We will have 459 million Americans, not counting illegal aliens. This is an increase of more than 200 million, the vast majority of which is due to immigrants and their offspring. This is a future which does not have to happen!

But the U.S. Census Bureau says the projections on this chart are inevitable UNLESS Congress cuts immigration.

The chart shows the U.S. Census Bureau's middle-range projection of how much additional population will be forced into the United States if current immigration and fertility levels continue.

The Census Bureau has at least 10 projections based on low, middle and high figures for each of the categories of fertility rate, mortality rate and immigration. The middle-range projection shown here is considered the most likely scenario if conditions remain similar to what they are now.

One of the best site on immigration - Numbers USA:

Stop Illegals - Build the Fence!

Illegal immigrants drain our natural resources, forest lands and national parks

Bankrupt our hospitals -

Drain Financial Resource - send wealth outside of the country

Fail to Pay Income Tax -

Overwhelm our Education System -

Source of Disease -

Flood our Nation with Drugs -

Contribute to Off the Charts Levels of Crime -

Steal Quality Jobs from American Workers -

Stop Amnesty for Illegals!

Illegal Immigration

The United States has mass illegal immigration because successive Congresses and Presidents have decided they want it. In one action after another over the last decade, they have declined to approve measures known to be effective to slow the flow of illegal immigrants, they have decided to end various kinds of enforcement that had been effective, and they have approved a series of rewards to those who violate immigration laws.


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