Iconic Australian Food: A Delicious Journey

Australia has produced some of the most iconic food in the world. While their cuisine is not as well-known as others, it still deserves recognition for being uniquely Australian. We’re going to explore some Australian signature dishes and what makes them so special!

Why does it have such a big impact on Australian culture?

Australia’s iconic food is a part of the culture. It often varies from what other cultures enjoy and has been adopted as their own simply because it belongs nowhere else but in Australia. From Vegemite to meat pies, Australian food brings people together for important occasions such as a morning tea or afternoon break, while also representing something unique about our history and culture.

Iconic Australian Food that You Should Try

The Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast is a hearty dish that’ll give you fuel for your day. This breakfast starts with bacon and eggs-two staples on any good menu! You can’t forget about sausages either because they’re an essential part of this meal’s deliciousness! With toast sprinkled on top to add crunchiness, salt, and pepper for flavor–you’ve got yourself one great start to your morning.

Kangaroo Steak

It’s worth a trip to Australia for their signature dish, Kangaroo Steak. With only around 40% fat and high protein content, it is one of the leanest red meat in the world! It’s so popular that it has been given the title for “Australia’s National Meat.” One taste and you’ll be hooked!

Kiwi fruit

green apple fruit on white table

Kiwis are one type of exotic product that isn’t well-known outside Australia. With just 3grams more sugar than other similar fruits like apples or pears, these little green spheres pack a delicious punch with their tart taste combined with some sugary sweetness.


Who doesn’t love a decadent Lamington? The sponge cake is covered in rich chocolate icing and topped with sweet coconut flakes that are reminiscent of the Australian dessert. You can enjoy with a cup of tea for a truly Australian experience.


yellow and red low top sneakers

Vegemite is a yeast extract spread that has been a staple in Australian households for quite some time. It’s made by adding brewer’s yeast to the leftover liquid from making beer-so you know it tastes good! Vegemite can be used as an alternative to peanut butter, topping toast or sandwiches, and even going well with cream cheese.

Anzac biscuits

brown cookies on blue wooden table

Anzac biscuits are traditional Australian cookies that have been popular since the World War I era. These treats are made from a combination of butter, sugar, oats (ground to get an “oatmeal” consistency), golden syrup, desiccated coconut, and boiling water. This is one yummy cookie that you should definitely try!

The Pavlova Pie

This is another less well-known dish that originated from Australia, back when it was still a British colony. The Pavlova Pie is a must-try when you’re visiting Australia! It consists of meringue, with whipped cream, and fruit on top for an extra special flavor that doesn’t disappoint! You will love it or hate to love it!

Fruit Slice

This tasty treat can be made with a variety of dried fruits and nuts, so getting creative is easy. Whether you’re feeling like something sweet or salty, this little slice has something for every taste bud!

It’s also great because it lasts longer than most other snacks (great in the case that there are no refrigerators around).

The Tim Tam Slam

A popular Aussie pastime is the Tim Tam Slam. It’s a great way to enjoy chocolate since it doesn’t contain milk! The process goes like this: tear open one of those delicious, square biscuits and spread some cream from your jar in between them. After you’ve done that, take another biscuit with a spoonful or two of cream on top and press down hard to create an amazing sandwich only limited by your imagination (get creative!).

The Tim Tam Slam can be enjoyed any time for breakfast, but it also makes for a perfect midnight snack after dinner when it’s dark outside because there probably won’t be anyone around if they weren’t invited into the kitchen!

Fish and Chips

For the fish lover who loves to get their hands covered in batter. Fish and Chips is a dish that can’t be missed! The best part about this meal is you don’t need utensils because of its crispy crust.

The Gingerbread Man

brown bear figurine beside clear drinking glass

A classic Australian dessert, gingerbread men are made with spiced biscuit dough. They can be filled with buttercream or cream cheese icing for a sumptuous treat that’s great to share at any gathering, but it is popularly left plain, so others may decorate them in their own way.

Fairy Bread

Fairy Bread is the perfect addition to any day or night. It’s light, fluffy, and deliciously sweet! Some people like to add a dash of cinnamon for extra flavor. If you’re not in Australia but still want some fairy bread, try using frozen store-bought white bread instead of making your own from scratch with organic whole wheat flour as most Australian recipes call for.

Chicken Parma (Chicken Parmigiana)

The chicken parmigiana is made of breaded and fried boneless, skinless breast or thigh meat. The tomato sauce on the dish includes butter to make it richer, along with salt and pepper.

The most common components in this culinary delight are lightly seasoned white-meat chicken cutlets laid atop a crispy buttered crusty Italian loaf that has been smothered by layers upon layers of gooey mozzarella cheese before being topped off with creamy rich marinara sauce which only gives way for more flavor as you scarf down each bite.

Aussie BBQ

It wouldn’t be Australia without some Aussie BBQ! This is a dish that the whole family will enjoy. It’s usually served with steak, chicken, or ribs and accompanied by baked beans (black-eyed peas), potato salad, coleslaw, corn on the cob, sausages of various types like German sausage and Polish sausage.

Meat Pies

For those who’ve experienced the savory taste of a meat pie, they’ll know that it’s hard to find anything else quite like them. These pies are typically filled with spiced beef or lamb and served alongside mashed potatoes for added texture. It is also common in some countries (such as New Zealand) to serve these delicious pastries cold!

Sausage Rolls

A staple in Australia, sausage rolls are a pastry filled with ground meat, but also often contain onion and herbs. They’re traditionally served as an appetizer at parties or for lunch with a salad on the side!

Chiko Rolls

Another meaty dish, Chiko Rolls are a popular fast food item that is made from thinly sliced chicken wrapped around a variety of fillings such as lettuce and cream cheese. They’re then deep-fried to perfection!

The Brownie Sundae

The Brownie Sundae is a daring dessert pairing that combines two favorites. The brownies are sandwiched between the ice cream and then topped with whipped cream to add an extra zing of flavor. Aussie foods are great and can be enjoyed by anyone!


rectangular white platter of sliced food and eggs

The green, oily fruit is native to Australia and has been a popular flavor for many years. You can eat it in different ways too – you could have avocado on toast or as an appetizer at your next salad!

Golden Gaytime

This is a popular Australian dessert that’s similar to the ice cream sandwich. It consists of two chocolate biscuits with vanilla ice cream in between for a sweet sensation, dipped in chocolate and coated in biscuit crumbs.


Snags are a type of sausage that can be made from ground beef, lamb, or pork. They’re usually served with bread and tomato sauce for dipping purposes!

I hope that this article has given you a different perspective on Aussie food. The dishes we’ve explored are all uniquely Australian, and they deserve to be recognized for their quality! If you’re planning to visit Australia, we recommend checking Bus and Coach Charter for your safe, reliable, and quality transportation service.